Frequently Asked Questions

Cardio High is a Newton gym offering high intensity interval training using low impact movement for all fitness levels. Have some questions about our gym? Check out the FAQs below:

When are your classes offered?

We generally offer classes every weekday at 6:00a, 9:00a, noon, 5p and 6:15p. We also offer classes on Saturday and Sunday at 8:30a and 10:00a. Please check our schedule page for the most up to date schedule.

What is the age range for Cardio High?

We have trained people who are more than 65 years of age and as young as 6th grade.

Is there a trial period?

The first class is always free, so people can try the workout and see if it's right for them.

How large are classes?

The max class size is 8 people per class.

Is this a class or can I come any time?

Our Newton gym offers small group classes at set times. Check our schedule page for class times.

How many times each week should I come to Cardio High?

We recommend 3-4 high intensity workouts each week. We define intensity as working out for at least 20 minutes with your heart rate at 80+% of heart rate max. Each Cardio High class is 60 minutes which includes 10 minutes of dynamic warm-up, intervals and a cool down. If you only have time to come 1-2x/week, you will experience more gradual improvements in your athletic performance or weight loss.