Cardio High To-Go 3.0

Cardio High To-Go 3.0

Mark G.

Many of our clients will be traveling this summer, and they want to know: “What’s the best way to keep up interval training while on vacation…?” This is our third Cardio High To-Go workout posted on this blog.

Each of these exercises can be done with just bodyweight or props as noted. In between each group of exercises add a round of cardio for one minute. Options for cardio are listed below.

Do each exercise for 30 seconds or use the rep number listed, if you have no timer or clock. One time through should be 8 minutes assuming one minute for each round of cardio and 10 seconds of rest after cardio.

Group “A”

Plank Knee to Elbow (15Â each side)
Back Lunge and Front Leg Swing (10 left)
Back Lunge Front Leg Swing (10 right)

Group “B”

Banana Crunches (15)
Push ups (10)
Squat Hops or speed squats for no impact (20) — These are bunny hops

Group “C”

Single Leg Deadlifts (5 each side)
Lateral Skips (16, 8 each way) — In small space just skip, skip, stop, change direction
Get Down and Get Up (10 times) –Â If on grass or dirt, do a walk out into a high plank

Options for cardio include:

Go up and down a staircase
Use a bench or chair – alt between step ups and butt kicks with hands leaning on back
Lateral skips for 30 secs and speed squats for 30 secs

And. Before you start – always do a brief dynamic warm-up.

Warm-up (8 minutes)

Moving cat + dog (or cat/cow for Yoga purists)
Moving bird dog
Marching (heel taps)
Bicycle legs
Banana crunches
Slow speed skaters
Slow squats
Back lunge
Slow high knees
Heel raises
Arms out – shoulder circles
Shoulder shrugs
Supported cardio — lean on bed, chair or bench and do: pendulums, foot jacks, jumping pushups

Substitution exercises if you can’t do one of the above
Wall sit
High knee marching
Plank taps