Interview with Aaron Brooks, Founder of Myoforce and Perfect Postures

Interview with Aaron Brooks, Founder of Myoforce and Perfect Postures

Shane M.

Aaron Brooks has served as one of the main program consultants for Cardio High since our earliest days. He is an expert in biomechanics, strength and conditioning and corrective exercise. He helps his clients manage and fix chronic pain by evaluating postural problems and then using corrective exercise to solve the issues. Mark Goodman, the founder of Cardio High, is a client at Perfect Postures. He credits Aaron with healing a wide variety of sports-related chronic injuries. He sat down with Aaron to discuss his outlook on fitness, recovery and the best workout soundtrack.

What was your favorite workout or athletic event in which you got a good cardio high?

Mountain biking up Big Bear Mountain in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern Cal. It was 2 hours of non-stop climbing. Riding back down the mountain? It was a joy.

When did you become interested in fitness?

When I was a little kid I saw an encyclopedia that included fascinating images of the body showing the muscles, bones. I used to look at them all the time. I enjoyed biology in high school, and in college I knew what I wanted to do. I studied exercise science and physical education.

What do you do at Perfect Postures?

We identify muscle imbalances and examine joint alignment. Then we develop corrective exercise programs to fix these postural problems. Clients feel the difference in one session.

What are the most common postural problems you observe?

A rotated pelvis is the most common. This can cause low back pain. An elevated pelvis would be the second most common problem.

Do you have a recent client story that illustrates how your program helps people?

This morning we had a woman who came to us, and she could not stand up. She was walking hunched over at a severe angle due to back pain. We worked with her using just 4 exercises, and her issue was resolved. She was able to stand up and walk around without pain. That was pretty cool to see.

What one exercise would you use with clients to safely raise their heart rate during a program?

I’d have to go with mountain climbers on sliders.

Do you have a favorite piece of gear that you use in most of your training programs?

For corrective programs – it would be a strap. For a workout it would be the Versus. It’s a piece of gear we invented. Clients describe it as TRX on steroids.

What are some musical tracks or artists on your workout playlist?

Tool. Perfect Circle. Metallica. Chevelle. Nine Inch Nails.