Newton Outdoor Gym: Cold Spring Park

Newton Outdoor Gym: Cold Spring Park

Mark G.

Cold Spring Park has one of the best outdoor gyms in Newton. There is an excellent 1.4 mile running trail loop with exercise stations along the way. The trail has rocks and roots, so it’s best to run or jog landing on the front part of the foot with lighter steps, and shorter strides. This running style allows you to quickly recover if you hit a loose rock or stumble over a root. As you jog the loop, you will come across exercise stations. We don’t recommend doing the exercises listed on some of the signs. It’s best to stick to movements that you perform at Cardio High: push-ups, steps ups, step hops and supported pull-ups.

There are two spots with a brief steep downhill. It’s best to walk down or gently skip down, so you don’t slip and fall. If you finish a loop or two, and you need more movement, you can use the soccer field to do a couple of sprints mixed with backward jogging intervals.

The easiest place to access the running trail is from the parking lot located off Beacon Street by the tennis courts and soccer fields. Prior to doing loops on the trail do a dynamic warm-up on the field: speed skaters, squats, heel raises, reverse lunge with leg swing and “old man” shuffle jogging.

The loop on MayMyRun.