Newton Running Trail HIIT: Auburndale Cove

Newton Running Trail HIIT: Auburndale Cove

Mark G.

The weather in Newton is finally perfect for enjoying outdoor activities. You may already be going for a walk, bike or run, but we suggest trying an interval training workout at one of Newton’s beautiful parks. If you intersperse mini-exercise intervals into a jog, you will break up the repetitive motion of jogging/running and will work more muscles in your body.

Try the Auburndale Cove in Auburndale.

Parking for the Cove is located on West Pine Street in Auburndale. There’s plenty of space to do a dynamic warm up before you start your run. You will see a small set of exercise equipment located adjacent to the parking lot. While the equipment has instructions for various movements, we suggest you stick to the low impact Cardio High movements. This is an example of how we tackle doing HIIT running at the Cove.

Dynamic warm up for 10 minute (3 movements for 20-30 seconds each):

  • High plank with knee to elbow
  • Chair sit squats
  • Reverse lunge leg swings

Jog past the basketball court on the gravel running trail and follow the trail into the woods. The trail will end at a small pavement area in about 400-500 yards. Return for a nice mini half mile loop.

3 movements for 30 seconds (or breaths) each:

  • Jumping pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Step ups

Jog towards the playground and veer to the left following the running trail through the woods until you arrive at a baseball field. Return to the equipment area to complete your second mini half mile loop.

3Â movements for 30 seconds each:

  • Lateral shuffle
  • Backwards jog
  • Walking lunge on baseball field.

Mix and match these intervals to create your own custom workout. This workout features 4-5 minutes of jogging depending on your pace with roughly two minutes of exercise intervals.

When you finish do a nice cool down with standing figure 4, upright downward dog with hands against tree or fence.