Injuries Suck – Workout Smarter to Avoid Going on the IR

Injuries Suck – Workout Smarter to Avoid Going on the IR

Mark G.

Cardio High clients have recently seen me limping around the studio. A couple of months ago I herniated a disc between the L4/L5 vertebrae. I’d like to tell you I did it while trying to land a double backflip while skiing. But, I’m sorry to report that the injury happened while… coughing. I’ve been working my way through remedies – some suggested by astute clients who have had similar injuries. I am sitting out Ultimate Frisbee and tennis season, and I can tell you that injuries suck.

It’s important to take steps to avoid injuries. At Cardio High we do a number of things that minimize injury risk during a workout;

  1. Dynamic warm-up. We use a dynamic warm-up before each workout. We also suggest using our same warm-up prior to playing sports.
  2. Lower impact. Remove impact from jumps when you can. We use heavy bands and other props to minimize impact on joints. We also employ hops on steps, so the landing can be done softly and safely.
  3. High reps, lower weight. When lifting weights we aim for higher reps vs low reps and heavier weight. Research shows that this minimizes injuries and provides the same strength benefits (as long as people lift to exhaustion).
  4. Gradual sprinting. We coach clients to increase speed gradually when on the Woodway treadmills or on the fan bikes.
  5. Stability movements. We borrow exercises from prominent local physical therapists to help clients build strength in muscles that provide stability and reduce risk of twisting an ankle or tearing a knee.
  6. Cool down. We make sure clients do a couple of corrective static stretches at the end of each session.

The weather is finally awesome in New England. Get out and bike, walk, and play games – and do your best to remain uninjured. Being on the IR is a major buzzkill.